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A Ceramic Coating is one of the most popular and straight-forward ways to protect your vehicle inside and out. Unlike paint protections like waxes and polymer sealants, ceramic coatings can withstand high heat, abrasion, wear and tear to an extent to protect your vehicle all year round. Ceramic Coatings provide a durable layer of hydrophobic that goes on as a liquid and hardens into a layer of Glass, so that water and corrosive materials either slide off or clean off with ease. Ceramic Coatings can be applied to “Almost Everything”.


To help understand the benefits of Ceramic Coating we like to use our “Winters Day” analogy. Where we compare a piece of clothing in the Winter Season to different levels of Paint Protection. Most vehicles on the road today have little to no protection on their Interior/Exterior Surfaces. This is equivalent to being shirtless on a freezing winter’s day. Being in a situation like this temporarily is not the end of the world, it would not ideal but there would be no long-term issues. However, if you were to stay “unprotected” against the elements for a long period of time, that is definitely a recipe for disaster.

Considering the same conditions. If you were to add a Wax or Sealant to your vehicle, that would be similar to you wearing a T-Shirt in the same weather. It will help slightly at first but ultimately be useless to the outdoors.

This is where Ceramic Coating comes in. To truly protect yourself; wearing something Thicker and Rigid would be more beneficial. The Chemicals in Ceramic Coating create an extremely tough and rigid bond to almost any surface when applied. It protects from the elements, wear and tear and decreases the likelihood of any major long-term issues. A Coating is a semi-Permanent Protection with Scratch/Rock Chip Resistance. Keeping your vehicle cleaner for longer and is easier to clean when the time comes. However, Ceramic Coating is not an impenetrable force field. You will still get chips, scratches, blemishes and contamination buildup on the coating's surface. Ceramic Coatings are always Resistant to Wear and Tear but never Wear and Tear Proof. The whole idea behind a coating is to protect your paint, and if there are minor scratching, blemishes and contaminants on your vehicle it is on the coating not on your paint, therefore, it does its job! When comparing Ceramic Coatings to all the other options both expensive and inexpensive, this type of Paint Protectant is the most reasonable for the majority of people and their desires.

If you are looking for a Literal forcefield for your vehicle that would be the equivalent of a huge Heated Parka with gloves, face mask, winter pants and boots. that takes a sharp turn into much higher costs for your Paint Protection. Vinyl Wrap, Liquid Wrap or Paint Protection Film can range from thousands to over ten thousand dollars, however, if you want the chance of anything happening to your vehicle becoming very low and almost unlikely something more physically thick is for you.


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Revivify Self-Healing Ceramic Coatings have a distinct characteristic that divides it from other coating brands. It can/will remove minor surface scratches within the coating with exposure to heat. this means you will not have to worry about Swirls and Surface level defects accumulating in your paint's finish.

Adam's Graphene Ceramic
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Graphene is one of the latest technologies to hit the detailing industry. The slickness factor of graphene ceramic coating is exceptionally high, creating an unparalleled hydrophobic effect and long-lasting protection. This ceramic coating can last 5+ years and is worth every penny.
What is Glassparency?
Our patented hydrophobic glass coating is a one-time application that includes a 3-year warranty. Our two-step professionally installed application creates a barrier to repel water, snow, ice, dust, oil, and dirt creating a resistant and easy to clean surface. Some of the major benefits include enhanced optical clarity, better driver vision, safety for the driver and all passengers, a reduction in day and night glare, and a more aesthetically appealing look to your vehicle glass.
Product Durability Test
We put our product to the ultimate test to illustrate the true performance of our glass treatment. We simulated visibility in inclement weather. You will see a significant difference between the treated side versus the untreated side. On the treated side water repels instantaneously when it hits the glass. This allows for a substantially more visible windshield than the untreated side. To simulate glare, we set up a real-life construction zone. Through this station, you will see that on the treated side, the road sign is crystal clear. On the untreated side, the road sign is barely legible. In the real world, the difference can be astounding.
Serving Abbotsford and the Lower Mainland we are your one-stop shop for all your premium automotive Protection, Restyling and Detailing needs.  With a mobile unit and a physical location, our professional installers are more than capable of providing the best customer experience and quality service.

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