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Paint Enhancement

There are many ways to improve the look and curb appeal of your vehicle, with one being Paint Polishing. Polishing your paint can remove surface imperfections such as swirl marks, water spots, deep contamination, oxidation and increase the level of gloss. Each stage of polishing can have different outcomes depending on the condition of your vehicle. Paint Enhancement is also a very important step before applying a Ceramic Coating or any other semi-permanent paint protection.

Paint Inspection

Before committing to the service, we will do a Visual Inspection to get an idea of the paint’s condition. If the client wishes to get their paint enhanced either way, we will provide a price range and schedule them for the service and further inspection. Once the exterior prep is completed a more in-depth Visual Inspection will be done as the prepared surface gives a better idea of the paint condition. We will then do a test spot that allows us to further communicate possible results. This further gives the client a visual representation of what their whole vehicle can look like.

Exterior Prep

Before any polishing takes place, we detail, decontaminate and prep the exterior surfaces. Masking tape is applied to protect trim and other exterior pieces. An in-depth inspection is done to have a better understanding of the paint condition, what it will need and what is outside the realm of possibility. We use an array of polishers, pads and polishing compounds to deliver the best results. Pricing and results are mainly based on the condition of the vehicle, colour of the paint as well as the desired finish.

Stage 1: Quick Polish and Wax

Starting From $200+

Estimated Time: 3+ Hour

Our Quick Polish service will deepen the paint's colour, increase its reflection,  as well as boost the vehicle's overall visual appearance. The goal of this service is strictly meant to increase the paint’s shine.
Our One Step Correction service is our entry-level paint correction. The main benefit is to bring life back to your paint by removing majority of the surface imperfections and giving a deeper shine. On average you can expect about 50%-70% correction of all paint defects, this varies from car to car.

Stage 2: Cut Polish

Starting From $350+

Estimated Time: 8- 12 Hours

Stage 3: Paint Correction

Starting From $600+

Estimated Time: 2+ Days

Our Two Step Correction service is our main level Paint Correction. The main benefit is to bring back life to your paint by removing majority, if not all of the surface imperfections and giving a deeper shine. On average you can expect about 80-95% correction of all paint defects, this varies from car to car.

Scratch Removal

Wet Sanding is a process that removes/lessens the visual appearance of Deep Scratches. Two ways to determine whether a scratch needs to be wet sanded to be removed are;

1. If the scratch is able to be seen in most lighting and can catch your eye.

2. By using your Finger Nail to gently glide ACROSS the scratch (not along). If your nail catches the scratch, it has gone below the paint’s surface and would need a Deep Wet Sanding to gain some improvement or Auto Bodywork to be perfect.

Now, let’s say you can see the scratch but not feel it. This is good, as this means it would be easily removed with light wet sanding or if a Full Paint Correction is something that's being considered, it would be dealt with during the process. We use a selection of sandpaper between 1500-5000 grit to achieve desired results. This “Add-On” can be included in your service if you are looking to get some form of Paint Correction done. This service can be done as a stand-alone but can also create other issues depending on the vehicle.

Chrome Polish

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Interior Detailing

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Ceramic coating

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Starting Price is based on the Average Condition we have seen for each service. Every Vehicle is different therefore there is no one price that fits all. Alongside condition, size and location are also considered when giving a Custom Quote for your vehicle and situation. For every service, an estimated price range will be given and once the service is completed or near completion, a final price will be given

Serving Abbotsford and the Lower Mainland we are your one-stop shop for all your premium automotive Protection, Restyling and Detailing needs.  With a mobile unit and a physical location, our professional installers are more than capable of providing the best customer experience and quality service.

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