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Graphene Coating

Adams Polishes Graphene

What is Graphene Coating?

Graphene Ceramic Coatings are coatings with Graphene Oxide molecules inserted onto the ceramic backbone. In other words, Graphene is something that is added to a Ceramic Coating to ultimately improve the product's performance in everyday driving. Graphene Coatings are not as popular as the normal “Ceramic Coating”, but do have a place in the Automotive Paint Protection Industry. Now, why should you care about a Graphene Coating,
Ultimately when it comes to deciding between a Graphene Coating and a Ceramic Coating, the similarities are almost the same and the differences are very small and usually not insanely noticeable. Therefore, the decision between the two types of coatings would be more based on Personal Preference, Warranty Options, Price and Life Expectancy of the Coating. We’ve set this Paint Protection option up in a way where if you do not need a warranty and wish to be protected for more than half a decade, this is a very value-based option.
Areas where traditional ceramic coating can be more desirable.
- More Resistant to Water Spotting
- Stays Stronger over longer periods of time.
- Handles Wear and Tear slightly better.
- Gloss and Paint Depth is more prominent
- Surface is more slick and hydrophobic
- More options/variety available (with/without warranty)
Is this coating as good or better than the other more expensive coatings we offer?
In the simplest terms, no it is not, the other coatings are part of a Professional Coating Tier that provides warranty and carfax integration alongside better performance. However, that does not translate into our Graphene Coating being “not good enough.” For what it is, it is an amazing coating that gives you an opportunity to get protected for a reasonable price, it just depends on You.

Graphene Coating  (5+ Years)

Includes the prep-detailing, decontamination and Coating Prep Polish (Light Polish)
Coupes & Sedans: starts at $849.99
Mid Sized Trucks & SUV's: starts at $1049.99
Full Size Trucks & SUV's: starts at 1249.99


Starting Price is based on the Average Condition we have seen for each service. Every Vehicle is different therefore there is no one price that fits all. Alongside condition, size and location are also considered when giving a Custom Quote for your vehicle and situation. For every service, an estimated price range will be given and once the service is completed or near completion, a final price will be given

Serving Abbotsford and the Lower Mainland we are your one-stop shop for all your premium automotive Protection, Restyling and Detailing needs.  With a mobile unit and a physical location, our professional installers are more than capable of providing the best customer experience and quality service.

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