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Let's keep this simple. We are not your average detailing guys or car wash. We are a premium automotive protection & restyling centre. We treat your vehicle with the quality standard you would. Alongside providing you with great results through our work, customer service is our #1 priority.



Detailing in general is something that can be very easy to replicate. Achieving good results is not something that is new to the industry or special in any way. However, this is where we set ourselves apart from others. We like to believe that we are in the customer service business first and automotive service second. From start to finish, we guide you through our many services and options that not just satisfy your short-term needs and desires but also provide a long-term vision for your vehicle to create the utmost value for you.

Our goal is to make your experience with us as hassle-free, simple and educational as possible by answering all your questions and concerns.  By educating you on what each service can do for you, why it would be beneficial and why some services we would not recommend for a completely transparent experience. We have heard of many customers experiencing unethical sales tactics, unclear communication and many other sticky situations that leave the client with a bad experience. With exceptional customer service being something we strive to achieve in, we aim to provide the best experiences for you.


Ceramic coating is one of the most popular and straightforward ways to protect your vehicle inside and out. Unlike paint protection methods like waxes and polymer sealants, ceramic coatings can withstand high heat, abrasion, wear and tear to an extent to protect your vehicle all year round. Ceramic coatings provide a durable layer of hydrophobic that goes on as a liquid and hardens into a layer of glass, so that water and corrosive materials either slide off or clean off with ease. Ceramic coatings can be applied to almost anything.
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    Steven Senghera

    "These guys were absolutely fantastic! They showed up on time and went above and beyond to ensure my vehicles looked amazing. By the end, every vehicle was shining, clean and smelt wonderful. They are super professional and friendly I would recommend them to everyone!."

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    Taylor J

    "absolutely no complaints! got our black vehicles shined up and looking brand new! will definitely be reaching out again in the future for more services/detailing!."

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    Jason Robertson

    "Summit was incredibly customer focused and spent time with me prior to the appointment to review various options and pros and cons of each. The work was meticulous and they detailed non-visible areas that most wouldn't notice but that I value greatly - it tells me they care as much about my car as I do. The mobile service and having them come to me was a huge benefit - especially during COVID and working from home. Thanks!!."



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Serving Abbotsford and the Lower Mainland we are your one-stop shop for all your premium automotive Protection, Restyling and Detailing needs.  With a mobile unit and a physical location, our professional installers are more than capable of providing the best customer experience and quality service.

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