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Ceramic Coating Cost

Break the calculator, grab the pen cover and pull up the chair. Most detail enthusiasts understand that ceramic coatings significantly protect hard surfaces such as vehicle paints and clear coats. Still, they know the actual cost of automotive ceramic coatings, and there are few people. It's time to prove that the ceramic coating needs to spend money on preparation, application, and aftercare to function correctly. All of this depends greatly on who is doing those tasks and the number of hours worked. 

There are many ceramic coating products to choose from in a price range, from professionally applied methods to surprisingly affordable do-it-yourself nanoceramic coating kits. 

Some vehicles also require paint modifications that can significantly impact overall costs, so the associated effort must also be considered. 

Remember, good work isn't cheap, and cheap work isn't good. Wise words that ring especially true in today's blog article, as we break down the actual cost of ceramic coating a car. 


The familiarity with the DIY approach, financial cushion, and personal tastes all play a role in determining whether a project like ceramic coating a car is "worth the expense."

Some customers are perfectly happy to spend $3,000 on a ceramic pro installation, even after paying $1,000 or more for swirl mark and minor paint restoration operations.

In contrast, many people around the world refuse to pay a cent for labour, preferring to complete every step of the ceramic coating process themselves. This requires devoting hours to the preliminary stage alone, as cleaning water stains and small paint flaws is a necessary step.

But the last time I checked, time was money, so the time spent is the same as the money spent. Therefore, it is essential to consider the value of your time before tackling the DIY ceramic coating approach. 


The amount you spend for a product or service is referred to as its price. The "cost" of one Armor Shield IX Nanoceramic Coating Kit unit, for example, is $ 69.


On the other hand, are usually measured in terms of the amount of money (or time) spent on a product or service.

Installation costs for Armor Shield IX, for example, include:

All preparation/details required Materials cost (car shampoo, crabber/mittens, polish, isopropyl alcohol, microfiber cloth, and so forth).

Participation in sweat ready to finish the job (an amount worth your time or your work) hours spent actually putting the ceramic coating (depending on the amount you are willing to pay someone to do)

Total cost of upkeep (including booster/topper spray, regular car wash materials, and time)

Professional Ceramic Coating Products-Cost Breakdown

A professional-grade ceramic coating is carefully developed for installation by licenced detailing professionals, so the only cost you'll have to worry about in the future is upkeep. Installing a professional ceramic coating takes about 5 days, covering everything from surface prep and paint correction through product application and drying. Most professional coating services, unlike applications, are sold in "packages." When you request a quote, you may expect to receive something similar to what's stated here, regardless of whatever package you choose.

I recently published an article examining the differences between DIY and professional ceramic coatings.

This article explains how prices tend to climb as the warranty protection period lengthens.

1. Gold Package 

"Permanent protection with a lifetime warranty" is included in this bundle. Four expert ceramic coatings and one premium topcoat are included. The cost of this premium package varies depending on the vehicle's size and the amount of prep work required, but it usually costs between $ 1,500 and $ 2,500, excluding paint alterations.

2. Silver Package 

A 5-year warranty is included in the following level. This package includes one coat of 9H ceramic coating and one coat of "lightweight topcoat"; costs range from $ 900 to $ 1,400 for this service.

3. Bronze package

The standard package from the manufacturer contains a layer of "lightweight" ceramic coating that is only guaranteed for 24 months. Prices start at around $ 600,900.

Professional Ceramic Coating Care 

Most professional coating dealers recommend using aftercare products or specific silica-based toppers/boosters. These ceramic-friendly coating boosters tend to work reasonably well in everyday use but are also expensive for installers looking for a significant margin. Professional-grade ceramic coating boosters typically cost between $ 50 and $ 75, and bottles last only  23 months, so the price of the varies greatly. 

Ceramic Coating Maintenance by Professionals

Aftercare products or particular silica-based toppers/boosters are recommended by most professional coating dealers. These ceramic-friendly coating enhancers perform admirably in everyday use, but they are also prohibitively expensive for installers seeking a high profit margin. Professional-grade ceramic coating boosters normally cost between $50 and $75, and bottles only last 23 months, so the cost varies significantly.

Apart from applying a topper/booster product, the only further maintenance necessary after a pro ceramic coating installation is a weekly car wash. If you choose to leave your car's care to a professional, expect to pay at least $60 every two weeks to have a mobile detailer clean your vehicle. It may not appear to be much, but over five years, those biweekly pro car washes will set you back around $7,800! 


So, let's get that calculator out and do some math. This is what you'll spend if you purchase a lifetime guarantee expert ceramic coating package and maintain your car for 5 years before trading it in…

While you can save a significant amount of money by washing the vehicle yourself every two weeks, you must consider the "time is money" perspective.

You can choose whether it is better to have a professional handle your car washes after you know how much your time is worth and the costs of the car cleaning products that must be acquired.

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